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My name is Alyce Candelaria. I am the founder of

CupCooks. Creativity seems to run in my family. Which

is turning out to be an amazing thing. I would have

never guessed that I enjoy baking so much. I did not

grow up cooking or baking, but once I found how much

baking relaxes me and that people truly enjoy my baked

goods I fell in love.
CupCooks is all about cupcakes and

cookies, unique and decadent. They keep your mouth

watering for just one more each time you eat one. All

orders are made the day of the event ensuring they

are always fresh. The cupcakes, cookies, and frostings

are all made from scratch. Each order is custom and

decorated for your event.

CupCooks was established in August 2012

Being new in the area I was trying to find my niche. I

found myself baking cupcakes every week. Come to find

I really enjoy making these yummy treats. From all the

compliments I began to receive I figured why not sell

them. Since starting my business from my home kitchen I

have had a multitude of successful orders. These orders 

have grown CupCooks into adding a wonderful partner

Kristin Manns. We do not have a store front yet, but

we are definitely working towards one day opening one.

For now everything is made from my
home kitchen.

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